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The Brand - Sesame Street English: LetzHop

Let's Learn on TV's Most Famous Street!

Have you always wanted your children to be well versed in English? Not just academically but in their daily communication with others too? Then LetzHop™ Sesame Street English is what you are looking for!

We use a comprehensive curriculum developed by Sesame Workshop. As the producer of the world’s most popular children’s educational TV program, they have designed an effective module to bring out the best in your children’s English proficiency using internationally acclaimed methods and activities such as phonics, chants, music, videos featuring Sesame Street characters, interactive games, interesting storybooks and many more!

The Brand - Sesame Street English: LetzHop

Sesame Street English (SSE)

SSE is a multimedia English language learning program for children between the ages of 3 and 12. Developed by the international educational media company Sesame Workshop, the program uses an internationally acclaimed methodology to introduce young children to English language learning in a fun and engaging way.

SSE's comprehensive curriculum consists of 720 lessons designed to be presented over a period of nine years. The lessons are grouped into three course levels, beginning with the Kindergarten Years for ages 3 to 6 (K1 to K3), continuing with the Lower Primary Years for ages 6 to 8 (P1 and P2), and concluding with the Upper Primary Years for ages 8 to 12 (P3 to P6).

The Brand - Sesame Street English: LetzHop

Only at LetzHop™ Sesame Street English - To the World of FUN English Learning

  • Have fun in learning English with the world’s most popular educational TV show.
  • Comprehensive Content-Based Learning English Program.
  • Enhance Children’s Confidence in English Communication & Literacy Skills.
  • Effective use of Interactive Multimedia
  • Highly interactive and Extremely Enjoyable Lessons!

Click on each of the characters to know more about each level of SSE Course:

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Programs & Modules: K1-K3 - Sesame Street English: LetzHop

K1 to K3

Children are stimulated and encouraged to learn through educational songs and chants, dances, videos, music, arts and crafts, storybooks, flashcards and games. The lessons are built around child-friendly topics.

Programs & Modules: P1 & P2 - Sesame Street English: LetzHop

P1 & P2

The overall emphasis is on building a foundation to English language literacy by focusing on phonics, vocabulary expansion and the basics of reading and writing

Programs & Modules: P3 & P4 - Sesame Street English: LetzHop

P3 & P4

Introduces content-based learning where children learn phrases and vocabulary relevant to academic content. This approach enables children to increase their general knowledge whilst enhancing literacy and conversational skill development.

Programs & Modules: P5 & P6 - Sesame Street English: LetzHop

P5 & P6

Children are exposed to richer content-based learning with wider exposure to advanced grammar and vocabulary to comprehend increasingly complex academic subject matter. The lessons are structured around explorative topics to promote independent thinking, communication and presentation skills.

Introduction & exposure to English Language

Foundation to English language literacy

Developing English language skills through engaging academic content

Building advance English language skills through complex academic subject matter

Why Are We Special? - Sesame Street English: LetzHop

Why Are We Special?

  • Media as an educational vehicle
  • The only Fun that children can find in learning
  • International English to prepare children to the world
  • Research-Based educational program
  • Comprehensive Content-Based Learning
  • Phonics method for teaching native English speakers how to read and write

How We Make It Special? - Sesame Street English: LetzHop

How We Make It Special?

  • The curriculum includes child-friendly subjects and carefully selected content-based topics through subjects like Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.
  • The lessons are participation-driven with peers and teachers as well as with Sesame Street characters that are featured through songs and videos.
  • We make learning fun and enjoyable. The activities include chanting for pronunciation, role-playing, dancing, singing, informal reflection sessions and brainstorming on explorative topics.

Registration for the Full Year Structured Programme is now OPEN! Come & let's join the fun!

Online Registration with SSE

Online Registration

Register 24 hours a day, seven days a week here.

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Meet us at our roadshows & events!

Meet us at our roadshows & events!

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Contact Your Nearest Centre

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About MVSB

MMSC Ventures

About MMSC Ventures

MMSC Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (MVSB), an end-to-end e-Learning Solution Provider was incorporated in January 2010 after a group wide restructuring of one of the most established e-Learning solution provider in Malaysia, Multi Media Synergy Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (MMSC). MVSB leverages on MMSC's extensive experiences in developing and deploying comprehensive e-Learning solution for the education and non-education market.

MVSB is geared by a full range of experts and in-house skill set that provides the best of e-Learning solution. MVSB is actively involved in the delivery of e-Learning content, technology and infrastructure, application and solution for the Learning Marketplace. MVSB also produces educational and edutainment products for the commercial market.

MVSB draws its strength from over a decade of experience, working closely with public and private clients, transforming and enhancing conventional teaching & learning and training into ...

... an integrated e-Learning environment. MVSB's approach in providing customised solutions to its clients enables them to efficiently and seamlessly adopt, adapt and innovate the solutions in their daily activities.

MVSB is one of the key players in the e-Learning industry, providing the most comprehensive solutions to the clients via the group of companies. MVSB is in the expansion stage where it currently grows its business activities into broader marketplace and increasing its product and service offerings. MVSB's portfolio of clients has expanded to include Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Middle East.

In the spirit of expanding its service offering, MVSB has decided to bring a renowned English Language Learning product, Sesame Street English to Malaysia. MVSB is the license holder for the brand of Sesame Street English in Malaysia.

We are looking to award partnership to a selected group of qualified individuals. You might be among them. To begin your entrepreneurship success with us, just follow these easy steps:

Contact Us

Contact us at to ask us questions you may have and to further discuss bringing a LetzHop™ Sesame Street English to your area.

Complete The Application

Complete the Partnership Application Form and return it to our office. Submitting this form will not obligate you, and all information is held in strict confidence. We will review your application and respond to you with recommendations on how to proceed.

Visit Our Centre

After your application has been approved, we will invite you to visit one of our learning centres so you can observe an operating LetzHop™ Sesame Street English. This visit should be scheduled through our office.

Make the Decision

When you have done your homework, make your decision. Should you be interested to officiate our collaboration, we will prepare an offer letter to proceed with the partnership.

For Bumiputera partners, we can help you to obtain business financing facilities up RM300k. We are committed to help you through this entire process and will help you open your LetzHop™ Sesame Street English successfully.


Now Open: Letzhop™ Bukit Jalil

We are now in Bukit Jalil! Contact our Bukit Jalil centre and enjoy special opening promotions for all of our programs available at Letzhop™ Bukit Jalil. Be one of the firsts to experience Letzhop™ programs at Bukit Jalil and enjoy exceptional discounts!

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Be A Part of Our Aspriring Team!

LetzHop Sesame Street English is now looking for committed business partners to join our quest to inspire the Malaysian children to speak in English. Contact us at to ask us questions you may have and to further discuss bringing a LetzHop™ Sesame Street English to your area.

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Letzhop™, a Place for a Better Future

Letzhop™, a Place for a Better Future

There are bigger goals than better grades. We are different – We prepare for the classroom and beyond!

What Is SSE


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Idiom of the Day

To Break The Ice

The Meaning

To say or do something to start an event or a conversation.

Big Bird asked everyone to introduce themselves to break the ice.

Watch & Learn

Sesame Street: V Violin Song

LETZHOP Open Day 2014

September 18, 2014

We warmly invite prospective parents and children to visit our learning centres. Our Open Day include a tour of the centre and the opportunity to meet the Head and staff, and to ask any questions you may have.

We also provide an opportunity for your children to join our exciting activities. Come to our Open Day and be entitled for great offers of Letzhop programs!

Refer to below poster for details.


Stand Tall Mini Workshops

September 11, 2014

Get out of your comfort zone and join our Stand Tall Mini Workshop to gain the utmost confidence!

Fee: Free of charge (seats are limited)
Age Range: 7 – 12 years old

Like our Facebook Page and get updates on our upcoming Stand Tall Mini Workshop and other events.

Let’s stand tall together!

*The next Stand Tall Mini Workshop will be on 28 September 2014 (Sunday) at LETZHOP Damansara. Don’t miss it!

“Confidence is the Key to Success”

Genting Mega Fun Roadshow

August 12, 2014

Letzhop will be at 1 Utama Shopping Centre this 13 to 17 August 2014 together with Resorts World Genting for a Genting Mega Fun roadshow. We will be conducting exciting and fun-filled activities for kids. Come and join the excitement and experience Letzhop Sesame Street English learning program.

Plan your visit! Refer to the Activity Schedule below;

12.30PM-01.00PM – Reading Together
01.30PM-02.00PM – Muppet Making Workshop
02.30PM-03.00PM – Reading Together
03.30PM-04.00PM – Muppet Making Workshop

12.30PM-01.00PM – Muppet Making Workshop
01.30PM-02.00PM – Muppet Making Workshop
02.30PM-03.00PM – Reading Together
03.30PM-04.00PM – Reading Together

12.30PM-01.00PM – Coloring Contest
01.30PM-02.00PM – Muppet Making Workshop
02.30PM-03.00PM – Coloring Contest
03.30PM-04.00PM – Muppet Making Workshop

01.30PM-02.00PM – Coloring Contest
02.30PM-03.00PM – Muppet Making Workshop
03.30PM-04.00PM – Coloring Contest
04.30PM-05.00PM – Muppet Making Workshop

Hope to see you there!

CSR Program

July 11, 2014

LETZHOP joined a charity event, “Program Prihatin Ilmu” at Sekolah Bimbingan Jalinan Kasih on 17 July 2014.

The school is a day school for homeless, orphans, children with no official documentation, as well as victims of social problems such as prostitution, drugs, and crime.

Special thanks to the event organizer, Malaysia Islamic Children’s Fair. We hope that this little effort will bring smiles to children in need.

“Little things, bring smiles”

The Magical Book Kingdom

June 22, 2014

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our booth at The Magical Book Kingdom event at The School, Jaya One on 21 June 2014.

Thank you for all participants of our LETZHOP Paper Collage Contest for the entries!

You made it a truly special experience for us.